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Mission & Vision


Mission: To create pathways to leadership for people of color while helping community organizations become diverse, inclusive, and equitable.

Vision: An inclusive social sector where the leadership, innovation, and passion of diverse professionals is consciously valued, cultivated, and utilized.

Core Beliefs:

  • Diversity: The nonprofit sector is stronger, better, and more prosperous when historically marginalized groups representing and reflecting the community they’re serving have a seat at the leadership table (boards, executive leadership)

  • Equity: Advancing diversity in nonprofits requires a systemic commitment to equitable treatment and elimination of discrimination in all its forms at all organizational levels and throughout all programs

  • Inclusion: Despite their leadership acumen, minorities will continue to encounter different ceilings if their organizations and systems do not welcome their contributions

  • Networking: Advancing DEI requires nonprofits to build relationships with a critical mass of cross-cultural people, not just isolated examples

  • Effectiveness: Achieving DEI in the nonprofit workplace is good for the double bottom-line: Mission & Money


  • To close the nonprofit racial leadership gap by leading efforts to overcome individual, institutional, and systemic barriers

  • To help nonprofits stay effective and relevant in a changing world by aligning their values based on equity and inclusion with their practices

  • To break the cycle  of racialized practices, organizational structures, and policies that lead to majority-white boards and staff in nonprofits

  • To increase the number of nonprofit leaders of color needed to address the practices and biases of nonprofits in Connecticut