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We Would Like to Thank Our Sponsors for their Continued Support

Sponsors are an important part of MIP events and play a crucial role in provision of financial or logistical support. We are so grateful for the support of our sponsors! In exchange for your support, MIP provides:

Brand Visibility – We will use your logo anywhere and everywhere on event materials (print and web ads, supporter page online, social media, press releases, event PowerPoint, etc.). We have a growing network of organizational partners, social media followers, and professionals interested in our work.  We intend to expose your brand to those audiences.  

Recognition – We acknowledge you publicly – speeches, social media etc. and provide VIP tickets to events (ie: Coffee Connections, Courageous Conversations). 

Metrics -  We provide metrics  to show the return on your investment.  Currently we have 15+ partner organizations, more than 800 social media followers (FB & Instagram), and over 200 professionals who have attended our events.  With your help, we're growing...and moving closer to the fulfillment of our mission.  Thank you!

To become an MIP sponsor, contact Elizabeth Bashir, Marketing & Events Coordinator.