Visit the best art gallery that gives a treat to your eyes

Are you an art lover? One thing that you can do to other artists is, appreciating and encouraging them for their artworks. It will also give you peace and relaxation. There is a list of galleries, chose the best one and keep encouraging the artists. Here are some of the art galleries that are found in CT.

Hygienic Gallery located in New London, CT

Hygienic Gallery is the place that holds a number of events meant for the community at the place and combined force in the city of New London. This also adds beauty with several mesmerizing murals. You can have a view on some of the artworks like paintings, sculptures, printmaking, and certain mixed media. They also change the exhibited paintings and other things frequently so that you do not have to look at the same thing everything when you reach here.

art gallery Connecticut

Bendheim Gallery located at Greenwich, CT

Are you looking for an art that is new and seems original to decorate your home? One best option is the Bendheim Gallery, one of the best art galleries in CT. it is the place where you can find the artistic things that are made by the local, established and upcoming artists. You do not pay to enter the gallery and the exhibited things will be changing every six weeks, which means if you are visiting the gallery in a certain week then you can visit after the completion of the next five weeks. It is a non-profitable gallery and it has a goal only to promote and encourage the emerging artist and the community.

Golden Thread Gallery located in West Hartford, CT

Are you curious to know about the different forms and conditions of human? You should visit the Golden Thread Gallery at least once in your lifetime. To know about the updates you can look on your facebook page.

Golden Thread Gallery

Maple and Main Gallery suited in Chester, CT

Do you wish to buy your arts through online mode? Log in to the sites of Maple and Main Gallery. Besides the mortar Maple in the brinks, they provide you an option t buy their arts through online as well. They exhibit artworks of 30 artists like Peter Barrett specialized in the painting of seascapes; B. Rossitto, an artist well talented to paint nature scenes; Kathleen DeMeo, an expert in painting mixed media.

Silk Road Art Gallery situated in New Haven, CT

Silk Road Art Gallery is one of the best art galleries in Connecticut that has the collection of arts by the successful and upcoming artists as well. It completely speaks on the talent of the artists, there are totally 30 artists works exhibited and out of those artists and their works, you can see a few of them through their websites as well. For more details regarding the exhibition, you can log in to their facebook page and be updated.

When you are passionate about paintings and art work you can relax by visiting such beautiful galleries. When you look for Connecticut local galleries you can gain more information regarding them and visit the right gallery at the right time.