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Minority Board Leadership Academy

Minority Inclusion Project’s Board Leadership Academy aims to strengthen nonprofit organizations across Connecticut by recruiting, preparing and assisting with the placement of people of color on a broad range of governing boards.  The Board Leadership Academy is designed for professionals of all experience levels who need in-depth training for board placement and for those who wish to hone their board skills. MIP offers business professionals training, guidance, and opportunities in their pursuit of board leadership.  Alumni and experienced board members can benefit from our continuing education courses, webinars, invitations to guest speakers’ series, and valuable networking events.

Having a board with diverse perspectives is critically important. Each person will bring his or her own personal and professional contacts and life experiences to their service on a nonprofit board. With a diversity of experience, expertise, and perspectives, a nonprofit is in a stronger position to plan, manage risk, make prudent decisions, and take full advantage of opportunities. A diverse board that is also sensitive to cultural differences is usually one that has a stronger capacity to attract and retain talented board members - as well as to be in touch with community needs.