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Special Initiatives

Minority Inclusion Project is proud to be apart of the advisory committee for Equity in the Center (EITC).  EITC is a field wide initiative to influence social sector leaders to shift mindsets, practices, and systems to increase racial and ethnic diversity at all levels. Their work is based on the premise that engaging, supporting and convening leaders for bold conversation on the case, tactics, and tools for equity and inclusion will drive action to combat structural racism in the nonprofit leadership talent pipeline. The initiative was created by ProInspire, Public Allies, and AmeriCorps Alums in 2016. It is a collaborative initiative, with ProInspire serving as fiscal sponsor and backbone. For more information, please contact Equity in the Center Director Kerrien Suarez at or 917-991-9033.

Equity in the Center in the news! - Kerrien Suarez featured in Independent Sector’s podcast and blog