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What is RE.I.D.S.™ Organizational Coaching?

RE.I.D.S.™ (Race-Equity, Inclusion, & Diversity In Systems) Organizational Coaching helps organizational leaders, change agents, and organizational equity teams to design and implement an inclusive and equity centered thought process in their work across organizational systems. RE.I.D.S.™ coaching skills are used to help nonprofit leaders and change agents to build a culturally inclusive organization and to infuse equity in all areas of the agency including people, structures, policies, programs, and/or practices.

What is the RE.I.D.S.™ Organizational Coaching Approach?

  • Facilitative Learning Process – Shifting behaviors through inquiry, reflection and feedback
  • Competency-Based Coaching – Competencies and standards aligned with the coaching work to obtain tangible results for the organization 
  • Responsiveness to Unique Nonprofit Needs – Systemic, institutional, and organizational policies and initiatives are taken into consideration during the process
  • Tailored Support – Customized organizational coaching experiences based on each client's challenges and goals

How Does RE.I.D.S.™ Organizational Coaching Work?

Our organizational coaching process is 12-months of customized and structured trainings and conversations designed to help leaders and change agents to identify their race-equity, inclusion and diversity goals and to implement an action plan that is responsive, continuous, and sustainable. Each organization's plan looks different. MIP provides tools, training, and technical assistance throughout the process following a research-based race-equity model integrated with our culturally-proficient coaching strategies.   

The annual (12 month) fee for this service begins at $10,000 per organization. Included in this service are the following:

  • Customized organizational coaching and training sessions for 2-5 organizational leaders and change agents
  • MIP's comprehensive organizational assessment for race-equity and cultural inclusion
  • MIP's race-equity action plan including evaluation
  • Lifetime membership in MIP's Peer Learning Network (700+ individuals and 100+ organizations)


To accommodate the varying sizes and needs of our partner organizations, MIP  provides our partners with several payment options including:

  • A 5% annual discount when the entire fee is paid in full at contract signing
  • Payment Plans


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