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Thought Partners Consulting

What Is Thought Partners Consulting?

Thought Partners Consulting (TPC)  is a mission-based coalition of minority consultants led by MIP that provides consulting services to nonprofits and for-profit community-based organizations, including diversity, equity, and inclusion action planning, technical assistance, strategic planning, project implementation, and fund development.

What is the TPC Approach?

TPC connects and establishes relationships amongst minority consultants and nonprofit organizations to solve complex organizational problems

TPC empowers our clients through industry knowledge, strategic planning and resource development opportunities that support growth and organizational prosperity

TPC inspires community action by providing nonprofit and community-based organizations with the support and information they need to develop and implement successful projects and programs that meet their mission to help communities succeed

TPC provides training workshops, seminars, conferences, retreats, speakers, workshop facilitators, and event management

How Do I Request TPC Services?

Thank you for your interest in Thought Partners Consulting.  We would love to schedule an initial consultation to assess your needs.  For more information, CONTACT US.